Friday, November 19, 2010

Events that occured in the Old Kingdom of Eygpt

     The crazy things that happened is when the science of mummification began in earnest. The things that were recognized is that removing the very soft tissue of the internal organs would help prevent the body decay. Also, the creepy part is that those of the higher rank kept their organs in special containers. The types of containers were wooden of alabaster boxes. The part I think is awesome is that the special containers have four inner compartments in which each of the four major organs (liver, lungs, stomach, and intestines) were placed separately.The only part I think is frightening is that the container was placed outside the coffin, but inside the tomb.

Language of the symbols of Canopic Jars and Building Material for it

     The awesome Canopic Jars are made from stone, pottery, wood or glazed earthenware vessels, usually vases or urns with carved human heads. The frightening part is that human remains were put in the Canopic Jars. Also the word Canopic comes from an Ancient Greek tradition in which a pilot named Canopus was said to have been worshipped in the form of a vase with a human head. The Canopic Jars were also used in a process called cremation. The last thing is that Canopic Jars were used from the late eighth to the early sixth centuries.

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What did the Eygptians use the Canopic Jars for?

Why did the Eygptians use Canopic Jars?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Canopic Jars for all people

     The weird reason why people have Canopic Jars is that their bodies will decay faster with the organs in it. The only organ to be kept in the body is the heart. The reason why they keep it in the body is because they keep it for their afterlife. The only part I think is weird is that if they didn't have their organs taken out then their organs would decay and their afterlife would be over. They also use Canopic Jars because if they don't have the organs then their body will not decompose which I think is gross. The last thing is that the Eygptians use Canopic Jars as little coffins for the organs.

Different Canopic Jars

     They're the same kind of Canopic Jars for Pharaohs and Egyptian people. The reason why is the awesome hieroglyphics on the Canopic Jars are the exact same for both Pharaohs and Egyptians. Also I know this because the hieroglyphics would be different if the Canopic Jars are different. The very hard part about hieroglyphics is that it is difficult to decode the hieroglyphics. The weird part is that instead of it being in a cave it is on a clay jar. I know this because they wouldn't put the person's organs in the cave and I know I wouldn't.

Stuff in Eygptian Canopic Jars

     The Canopic Jars are very special to the Eygptians. The reason is because the crazy pharaohs had their vital organs put in canopic jars. The canopic jars also play a very important role to Eygptians because they had the heads of the four cool gods known as the "Sons of Horus", but don't worry they aren't the real heads they're just a repleca. The cool part of this is that the organs each have their own jar. The jar that protects the creepy liver has the head of a person. The Canopic Jar that holds the intestines has the head of a falcon with a crazy name an the name is Qebehsenuef. The part I think is weird is that the canopic jar that holds the lungs has the head of a baboon named Hapy. The best one is the one that holds the stomach because it has the head of a jackal named Duamutef.