Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Stuff in Eygptian Canopic Jars

     The Canopic Jars are very special to the Eygptians. The reason is because the crazy pharaohs had their vital organs put in canopic jars. The canopic jars also play a very important role to Eygptians because they had the heads of the four cool gods known as the "Sons of Horus", but don't worry they aren't the real heads they're just a repleca. The cool part of this is that the organs each have their own jar. The jar that protects the creepy liver has the head of a person. The Canopic Jar that holds the intestines has the head of a falcon with a crazy name an the name is Qebehsenuef. The part I think is weird is that the canopic jar that holds the lungs has the head of a baboon named Hapy. The best one is the one that holds the stomach because it has the head of a jackal named Duamutef.

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